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Count Time Movie Cast and Characters

Posted by counttimemovie on December 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM

World Fame-Us Hot Spot Entertainment Studios feature film Count Time the movie starring hip hop recording artist Kulayd, Sabreena Beautiful, Joseph Donofrio, Swifty McVay of D12, Jonathan West, Tax Holloway of The Eastside Chedda Boyz, George Avgoustis, Ali Amine, and Top Authority.







Below you will find a brief Synopsis and Character Breakdown.

Count Time Movie Synopsis

Detroit, Flakey, and Flint are all prisoners who are scheduled to be released. They are each put in a cell close to one another to wait to be discharged home but until they are discharged, the rules of the prison still apply. Although they have never met before, through sharing their stories and the ones of people they know, they find out that they have a few things in common. Through conversation they all realize that the underlying reason they were behind bars is because someone betrayed each of them in some dishonest way they never saw coming. Count Time The Movie is a film that tells three (3) separate tales of sex, money, lies, and deceit tied together insideof one main story. In  trying situations like this you never know who to trust.



When it all boils down to it, Who is really by your side? If you don't know, then it's Count Time!

Main Story Character Breakdown

1] Detroit----- black male age 21-38 ----- Hustler. Tough and level headed. He has a serious demeanor.


2] Flakey----Italian male, age 21-35 ----- Drug Dealer. Wise-guy wannabe. Arrogant and sloppy.   


3] Flint---black male age 21-45 ----- Gang Banger and Drug dealer.


4] Mr. Hughes ----- (Race Open) age 40-55 ---- Parole Officer.  Focused and stern.


5] Mrs.Hughes----- (Race Open) age 40-55 ---- Beautiful, has a nice smile, and she is supportive of her husband.


6] Prison Guard----(Race Open) age 35-45 ----- Uncaring and unconcerned.


7] Prison Guard #2 ---(Race Open) age 35-45----Uncaring and unconcerned.


8] Los-----(Race Open) age 21-45 ---- Funny and sarcastic.


9] Detective----- (RaceOpen) age 40-55 --- Die hard cop who hates criminals.



Non -Speaking Roles



1] 7 Male Prison Inmate Extras----(Race Open), age 21-65.


2] 3 Prison Staff extras ---(Race and Gender Open), age 30-65.


3] 5 Los's Crew Extras -----(Race Open), age 21-45

COUNT TIME MOVIE (act one) S.M.P. Synopsis


Ten years after being betrayed by his partner in crime following a heist, ex-cop Clark is released from jail.  Finding himself a stranger in a strange time,Clark tries to pick up the pieces of his life, meeting old friends and new enemies while seeking out his wife and looking to enact revenge upon those who betrayed him.



Is revenge worth more than a second chance at freedom?


S.M.P. Character Breakdown


1] Clark - Male (Race Open) Age 35-45 - An imposing, quiet,diligent man who will stop at nothing to get his money and his revenge.


2] Brandon Leer – Male (Race Open) Age 35-45 – Cunning and selfish, Leer’s goal is money, even at the expense of his friends and partners.


3] Alena – Female (Race Open) Age 30-40 – Married to Clark,her good looks and obedience cause her to get caught up in the plot against Clark.  She’s more cunning than she appears.


4] Sergeant Bannion – Irish Male Age 40-60 – Friends with Clark from their days on the force, he truly wants to protect and serve, by any means necessary.


5] Detective John Reese – Caucasian Male Age 40-50 – Also knows Clark from the police force.  Drunk and corrupt, he loathes the force’s inability to prosecute criminals.


6] Mickey the Mouse – Male (Race Open) Age 25-35 – A sleazy bookie, Mickey likes the money and women associated with crime but shies away from getting his hands dirty.


7] Man in Black – Male (Race Open) Age 20-30 – A low-level enforcer for Leer, he is fearless and loyal.


8] Large Assassin – Male (Race Open) Age 25-40 – A massive man, he is employed directly by Leer’s organization for violent ends.


9] Receptionist – Female (Race Open) Age 20-25 – Unfocused and uncaring about her work, she would rather be on the phone than working.




Non-Speaking Roles


10] Van Driver – Male (Race Open) Age 25-40


11] Diner Waitresses – Female (Race and Ages Open)


12] Diner Patrons – Gender, Race, and Ages Open


13] Bar Patrons – Gender, Race, and Ages Open


14] Barkeep – Male (Race Open) Age 40-60


15] The View Dancers – Female (Race Open) Ages 20-30


16] The View Patrons – Male (Race Open) Ages 30-50


17] Street Extras – Male (Race and Ages Open)


18] Leer’s Bodyguard – Male (Race Open) Age 25-35 – Large and tough looking


19] Office Workers – Gender, Race, and Ages Open


20] Unusual Office Workers – Male (Race Open) Ages 25-40


21] Police Officers – Male (Race Open) Ages 25-30


COUNT TIME MOVIE (Act Two) The Ring Synopsis

The Ring Synopsis

Anthony Jackson is an MMA Fight Manager and Promoter who manages Krane, the MMA champion of the world who is also his best friend. Life for the two friends was going great that is until Anthony starts to get harassed by a rival manager Knuckles Santoni who will stop at nothing to get his fighter Ruckus into the spotlight and take Krane's spot at #1. Along the line, he ends up falling in love with a woman and realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew in this tale of fame, jealousy, sex, and betrayal.




In the ring is the love of fame and fortune worth more than human life? 



The Ring Character Breakdown

1] Anthony-----Male (Race Open)  age 25-30 --- Ambitious guy who's tough but yet laid back, protecting and cautious, Looks out for Krane in and out of the ring.


2] Krane----Male (race open), age 20-25--- A born fighter who is charismatic and outgoing. He loves people and people love him especially women. He looks to Anthony to keep himself grounded.


3] Lisa---African American female, age 21–30 --- Smart, sexy, and seductive. She is a true lady in the streets but behind closed doors she is very creative. She and Anthony have a thing for each other.


4] Knuckles Santoni-----Italian American Male, age 40-60 ---He is cold and ruthless.He is jealous of Anthony and  thinks he is too young to have the success he has. He will stop at nothing to get his way.


5] Ruckus----Italian American Male, age 20-25--- He is a fighter who has a long time rivalry with Krane. He wants to be Krane but doesn't possess the same talent. He fights for Knuckles.


6] Vinnie---Italian American Male, age 30-50 --- He is the enforcer for Knuckles. If there is a problem with anyone Vinnie is the one who does the dirty work.


7] Mr. Demarco----Male (Race Open), age 40-50 --- Nice, friendly, and has an eye for talent. He is the owner of an energy drink company.


8] Tom----Caucasian male, age 30-40 --- Videographer who works for Mr. Demarco. He is creative and focused.


9] Boulder---Male (Race Open), age 25-30 --- Huge guy, semi-friendly, who works with Anthony and Krane.


10] Reporter #1---- Caucasian Female, age 25-45 --- She is analytical and skeptical. She is one to speak her mind.


11] Reporter # 2--- African American male, age 25- 40--- Very inquisitive and confrontational.


13] Reporter #3---  (Race and sex open), age 25-50--- Rude and disrespects protocol.


14] Club DJ---- Male (Race Open) age 21-35 --- Hip hop type who can motivate the crowd.


15] Crystal---Female (Race Open), age 21- 30 --- Professional Dancer who likes Boulder.


16] Sheena----Female (Race Open), age 21- 30 --- Professional Dancer who likes Krane.


17] The Referree----Caucasian Male, age 40-50 veteran referee who is nuetral and focused on the match at all times.


18] Media Announcer #1----  Male (Race Open), age 40-55 ---He is a well respected announcer with seniority. Tells it like it is.


19] Media Announcer #2 ---- Male (Race Open), age 30-40 --- Fairly new announcer who is younger but knows the sport. He is witty and sarcastic.


20] Fight Announcer---- Caucasian Male, age 35-45 --- Professional speaker who has a commanding demeanor.


21] Radio Announcer----  Male (race open), age open --- Pleasant and informative, has a nice voice.


22] Evening News Anchor--- Caucasian Female, age 25-35 --- Nice looking professional with great camera presence and speaking voice.


23] Phone Messenger at final fight ---- Male (race open), age 18–21--- Funny and sarcastic.

24] Guy In Crowd ---- Male (race Open), age open ----- Excited and trippy.



24] Club Extras ---- ages [21-35] Race open


25] 5 Couples in love for Montage ---- ages [30-55] Race Open


26] Grocery Store Extras--- age and race open


27] Cocktail Party Extras --- ages [25-65] Race Open


28]  Girl In Bed with Krane ---- age[19-25] Race Open


29] MMA Fighter extras inside the Gym ---age [21-35] Race Open


30]  Mr Demarco's Associate ---- Female age [30-35] Race Open


31] The Tax Man --- age [30-35] Race Open


32] Goon watching TV with Lisa ----Italian American Male age [25-55]


33] 3 Goons in Room --- Italian American Males age [25-40]


34] Tax Man Entourage--- age [21-40] Race Open


35] Ruckus Fight Crew Entorage ---Italian Americans age [21-40]


36] Press Conference Extras --- age [25-50] Race Open


37] Backstage of Fight Venue Extras --- age [21-50] Race Open


38] Fight Venue Crowd Extras --- age and race open

39] Restaurant Owner --- Italian American Female, age 40-65 --- Friendly and courteous.





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