Based on the music from the Count Time CD by Kulayd

Count Time The Movie

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Count Time Movie Synopsis

Detroit, Flakey, and Flint are all prisoners who are scheduled to be released. They are each put in a cell close to one another to wait to be discharged home but until they are discharged, the rules of the prison still apply. Although they have never met before, through sharing their stories and the ones of people they know, they find out that they have a few things in common. Through conversation they all realize that the underlying reason they were behind bars is because someone betrayed each of them in some dishonest way they never saw coming. Count Time The Movie is a film that tells three (3) separate tales of sex, money, lies, and deceit tied together inside of one main story. In  trying situations like this you never know who to trust.



When it all boils down to it, Who is really by your side? If you don't know, then it's Count Time!

*This feature film is based on the Count Time CD by Hip-Hop recording artist Kulayd who is most noted for working with recording artists and actors such as MC Eiht (Menace II Society) Digital Underground (Nothing But Trouble), T-Pain (Lottery Ticket), Swifty McVay (The Longest Yard), and Rudy Ray Moore(a.k.a. Dolemite) and will feature songs from the new unreleased CD inside of the Count Time Movie.

Written by Jason "Kulayd" Clayton

Co-Written by Nick Marcus

                                                                                         We are done with the Production!!!

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Count Time
Kulayd (Count Time)